अनुराग शर्मा
by on February 24, 2021

Very genuine company : my issue  ?

I buy cometchat software in the 2015-16 year .. long time go .. comet chat service / customer care service support me very quickly .. maximum 24 hour in rare cases ... ticket reply coming in just 1-2 hour normally.

after 2017 to present time 2021 January ... I have never started my site, so don't know what happened in the last few years ... well  i start my site again january 21, going to cometchat.com for getting my software ... but software is never available here .. i contact customer support ... they reply to me .. cometchat software removed .. then i say give me refund ... they reply to me ... we refund you. 

I will never believe it, they give me a refund ... its internal feeling ... but they refunded me without any argument ... sincerely ... polite word ... we hope you again give us service. 

This is the first indian company to refund me without any tension. its means .. cometchat is a genuine company .. you buy their software ... 

great feeling today ..heartly thanks for the manager ... thanks to team - go https://www.cometchat.com today 


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