Refund policy.

As a seller : if you sell any service /product via, you accept these rules.

1. Product quality, product description, product information you are responsible to post clear everything regarding products. same as its condition, you pack product and ship to buyer postal address. If an item breaks /cracks in shipping time .. you get return without any argument with customers. Once a customer gets his product, he/she writes a review and after return time expires, the seller gets his amount from us.

2. If you sell your service : If service base order you get, fulfill customers requirements .. After your complete service, the customer fills out a form No objection.. and the seller gets his amount from us.

3. If the seller sells digital product : Once download complete, No refund policy applicable in this situation : digital product as it is condition works fine but customer never feels its good, If download time expired customer never downloads his digital product ... he is able to apply refund .. you see your tracking system .. customer download his product or not.

As a customer : Please don't experiment with seller products, if you feel the crack /damage return it. you have just 2 hour to apply for a return request after delivery is done. prove us /seller product damage /cracked ... ONLY in this condition you have rights to return it. Once your deadline goes, you never apply for a refund ...

Digital product : alert for your download expire time, if expired and you never download your link .. its not mean you apply for refund. you download your product. If product not as described ... you prove us/seller .. then apply for refunds.


Argument, abuse, violence, prohibited drugs, arms, adult, nudity etc type digital product strictly banned at

More refund policy related update here ASAP basis.

Triansh support team