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Maxatron Plus Remember that motivation increases with mastery of performance. When you have made some progress, you can increase the load. Number of repetitions So, in our article "How to pump up the chest with push-ups" we come to a very important point - the number of repetitions. They must be added in accordance with your results. If you easily made 4–5 approaches, feel free to add the number of repetitions in each approach. The optimal number of repetitions should be such that you make the 5-6 approaches with maximum effort. The best results are achieved when you make five approaches with great difficulty, Maxatron Plus Male Enhancement the sixth will be a real problem. Deviation from the topic: if you are a beautiful girl Maxatron Plus Male Enhancement want to have a beautiful Maxatron Plus Male Enhancement toned chest, we recommend that you study this program of push-ups for girls . Do not worry if you can not do a couple of repetitions in the last approach. It is even good. This is an additional motivation for better efforts next time. To track your results, keep records Maxatron Plus Male Enhancement view them before your next workout. Pace Do not rush, but do not wring too slow. Try to find the right pace for yourself. For me, it's 80 push ups per minute. Breaks between sets What should be a break between approaches? Long enough to bring breathing back to normal. There must also be a burning sensation in the muscles. Too long breaks are not appropriate. Approximately the break should be 60–90 seconds. Breaks between sets are also a great tool for adjusting intensity. You can lengthen them if you want to increase the number of repetitions, or reduce them for more intensity. At the end of our article "How to pump up the chest with push-ups" I will give you some practical tips: 1. Practice at the same time. 2. Keep a diary of your workouts. 3. Press on hard surface only.

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