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Electric machine for born new black hair

January 24, 2021 by at India / भारत » Beawar » 305901 , in New thought technology
I am making electronic machine, who support to reborn/re-generate your black hair
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January 24, 2021
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I am already making genuine black hair reborn / re-generate your black hair.

Here this machine just a vibration machine, work with 12v DC motor. Shock proof device.

Just start per day 3 time for 20 minutes for getting instant result in just 15 day. Note : if you not drinker, smoker. If you Smoker /drink alcohal you wait for 30 day.

This machine tested over 100+ people & get miracle results.

If you not get new black hair in this time period we give you 4 time more money . if product price 74.99 USD we give you 299.96 USD to your paypal account. well this product come with free shipping world wide (If world wide you make order, power adapter you buy from your market 12v 2A )

Age not important for this product. we already test 70 year old male/ female.

i want to paitent of this product & start manufacture ... but unable process it for money reason. 

without peitent unable / not release this product to market. 

i hope you support me.


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