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No. You can get free templates for WordPress from website 81 Best Responsive Free WordPress Themes with slider ...Is there a blogger template available for free? There is a blogger template available for free on website such as Wordpress and Blogspot. Both of these sites offer free hosting as well and Free Themes the templates are very user friendly. Read More share: Is Blogger better than Wordpress? Blogger can't use any pages! Wordpress is better I'm switching from Blogger. well i think wordpress is better im shutting my blog and switching to wordpress! Depends on what you like. Wordpress is better considering build in statistics. You can see how many people visit your blog and such. Wordpress is also easier to use if you'd like to try different designs. Blogger is simple and can be easily used by an amateur. It does... Read More share: Is it easier to make a blog in Wordpress or in Blogger? Blogger and Wordpress are the two most common blog sites. It seems to be common opinion that Blogger is more user-friendly for a first time blogger, but that WordPress has more features. I would suggest checking both out and finding which one suits your needs and ability best. Read More share: Does Mario2903 Use Blogger? Yes, He uses Blogger, he also uses wordpress Read More share: How do you transfer a Blogger blog to Wordpress? After installing Wordpress in your Web space , Go to the dashboard and select import . Here you can provide your blogspot address and you need log on to your Blogger account to allow Wordpress to access your blog content . Now your Blogger blog will be completely transferred to Wordpress .You may change the default Wordpress permalinks structure of you want to maintain your traffic as before . Read More share: What are the differences between Blogger and Wordpress? The main difference is that Blogger only exists on the Blogger websites whereas WordPress can be installed independently on any hosted website as well as being used on the WordPress website. WordPress has a larger community support producing themes (the layout and background images/colours) and plug-ins which add features to a blog. Read More share: What site advertises blogs for free? Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad & Joomla are the top players as of December 2010. It's going to be quite a while until Wordpress & Blogger get beat out, as Wordpress is the largest and Blogger, well let's just say they are owned by GOOGLE.... and they certainly aren't going away anytime soon :) Read More share: Who is Dgn99? A Wordpress blogger found website Read More share: How do I put an article on the internet? You can put an article on the internet using blogger ( or wordpress ( Be sure that it is your own work, or you could get in big trouble! Read More amusement park share: What is the most popular blog host? Blogger or wordpress. It is the best if you are new to blogging. Read More share: What are some free Weblog hosting providers? Some free blog hosting providers include Blogger (owned by Google), LiveJournal, and WordPress. These sites also provide templates, post tags, and user comment support, among other features. Read More share: Can you get free wordpress CSS? Sure. There are plenty of websites that offer WordPress templates and layouts, which are only a google search away. The official WordPress website also features a number of templates, boxed and ready for use. Links to both can be found in the related links below. Read More share: What sites have free blogger templates? Free blogger templates can be found on The Cutest Blog on the Block, Web Design Tunes, Blog Skins, ABC Netspace, Nulled Wordpress Themes Template-Blogspot, and the Hongkiat blog. Read More share: What are good blogging sites to use when making a blog? Tumblr, Wordpress, Blogger (Blogspot). Read More share: How do you design a website? There is free hosting services, such as Blogger, Wordpress, and FreeWebs. You first need to know how HTML and CSS programs work. Read More share: Are blogs real websites? Blogs are not actually real websites but they are similar to websites. Blogs have built in templates that will make unique blogs. Wordpress offers its users the facility to build your own templates if you are well versed with technical issues. This is not so in case of blogger. Blogs are a miniature form of websites. Blog Posts are similar to pages that are being added on the website. Read More share: Do you have to download for blogger? Unlike wordpress, you can use blogger without downloading it. All you have to do is to go to the blogger site and sign up for a free account. Also, it offer a customized domain name for 10$ per year. Read More share: Where can one find layouts for use with Blogger? You can find layouts for use with Blogger online at the bTemplates website. There are over 400 templates available for use with Blogger completely free. Read More share: How can you import a WordPress blog into Blogger? Go to WordPress dashboard. Tools - > Export and save the .xml file and then go to blogger dashboard - > settings at the top of the page you can see "Import blog" link under the Blog tools section. Click that and follow the directions. Use the .xml file you saved from WordPress Read More share: Moving from Blogger to own domain AND use wordpress? You will need to buy the domain name and get hosting. Read More share: Can you have maintain same content in wordpress and Blogger blog.if the answer is yes means how can you import the data from Blogger to wordpress? go to Tools > Import and just import it - maybe you must export from Blogger to your local PC first. If Tools > Import does not exist install the Import/Export Plugin first. Hope it helps, Nulled Wordpress Themes Noah, Read More share: What are some good blog places? As per my knowledge WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr are good places for blog. Read More share: What are good blog websites? You can use Google's Blogger or Wordpress just to name two (google them for URLs) Read More share: How do you make a twilight blog? Wordpress and blogger are both website hosting services. Go there to make your blog. Read More share: Best kind of web templates? Magento, wordpress, oscommerce are the best template for website. Read More share: What are some sites like Tumblr? Blogger, Nulled Wordpress Themes, SquareSpace, Posterous, Typepad Micro, Live Journal, etc. Read More share: How do you pull a feed from Wordpress to Blogger? Following steps to be taken: 1) Copy the feed URL 2) Go to Blogger > Dashboard>Design>Add a Gadget>Feed (Click the +Sign)> Add the above feed>Click Continue>Save Now your WordPress Site's Feeds should be visible in your Blogger blog. Read More share: What internet sites host blogs? Wordpress, tumbler, wix, blogger, google+,joomla, hubplaces are the best blogging sites. Read More share: How do I create my blog on Google? You can create a blog on any platform, like Wordpress, blogger etc. 'Blogger' is Google's platform where you can create blog. To start your own blog on 'Blogger' you need to have a Google account. If you have a Gmail account, you can use the same account to start your own blog on 'blogger'. In case you do not have a Gmail account, you can create a Google account and then start your blog. Similarly... Read More share: Where can one find samples of blogger layouts? You can find samples of blogger layouts online at the BTemplates website. The templates on this website are not only samples but are free for personal use as well. Read More share: How do you put a xat chatbox on your Blogger blog? You Need To Put Your Blogger or Wordpress Username And Password In Espisley The Blog So You Dont Need To Worry It Just Auto Maticly Frogets Ur Passoword And Username Read More share: What are some good blog hosts? If you are fine with not having complete control, I highly recommend Blogger or Wordpress (see related links). Read More share: How do you create a blog on Club Penguin? You Could Use Blogger, Wordpress (recommended, most Club Penguin Bloggers use this), Webs or any more. Wordpress: website Webs: website Blogger: (I Think) Is website But I'm Not Too Sure. Read More share: Does it cost money to make a wordpress? When you use the site it's free but if you want to publish a blog with your own domain using the wordpress platform you will need to pay for a hosting service as well as pay for woocommce themes the domain. The wordpress templates themselves are free. Read More share: Where can i download web-templates to design a website for my college technical events? There are a lot of web templates for free but even the better ones are low-cost. A site like FWT Web Templates have searchable categories so it should be easier to find a web templates more suited to your project theme. Also take into account your own PC / Editing skills as some templates are quite complex to edi and require particular software installed on your PC. If you are a novice I would suggest... Read More share: What are some fun and safe blogging websites? Some fun and safe blogging websites include Blogger, Wordpress, Typepad, LiveJournal and Tumblr. Read More share: How do you make a blog for Club Penguin? If you want to make a blog, you can go on Blogger or Wordpress and make one. Make the content about Club Penguin. Read More share: Where can one find free website templates? "You can find free website templates Buy Amoxicillin Online. Some websites also help amateurs to build their own website using their services, such as wordpress or weebly." Read More share: How do you get pictures on your blog? That will depend on the blogging platform. If your using Wordpress, which is my favorite, you can upload a picture right from your computer of use a photo from anywhere on the web as long as you have permission to use it. Are you using wordpress, blogger, or some other platform? Read More share: Do you need your own website to be an affiliate? No it is not a must for you to have your own website in order to become an affiliate marketer. You can make use of blogs on wordpress or blogger. Read More share: How do you present products online for wordpress themes download no money? The fastest & easiest solution is to open a Blogger or Wordpress account and start your very own blog, for FREE! Read More share: What websites are like Tumblr for blogging? There are lots of websites for blogging in the internet. You can use blogger, wordpress, squidoo and many more. You can also search it in the internet. Read More share: How does FTP work on wordpress? FTP Uploading will work with Wordpress. You will just have to put the files in the right folder and you will be fine. Read More share: Where can you create free website layouts? You can create free website layouts on a variety of websites. Some examples of free sites that allow users to do this are blogger and WordPress. Read More share: How do you design a website for the iPhone? You can use free hosting services such as Wordpress and Blogger, or Nulled Wordpress Themes you can get a person to design for you (I suggest website Thanks! ~Branmatt Read More share: How do you make a you site for free? There is many sites offering free hosting on their subdomain, or sites like blogger or Nulled Wordpress Themes wordpress that offer hfree hosted blogs on their or your domain. Read More share: How do you download the entire contents of a blog? As per my knowledge if you are using wordpress or blogger and having admin rights then you can go for export option where you can download all your content. Read More share: Which blog service offer ad sens? Blogger offers the possibility to put Adsense on your blog. Also, you can install WordPress on your own free or paid hosting. Read More share: How can you install wordPress without having webhosting? You can't install manual templates on blogs, but you could certainly use a free host and install custom WordPress to manually put themes. Theme installation is easy, you just need to upload the zip file (Using Themes " WordPress Codex.) Read More share: Can someone explain wordpress hosting? "WordPress is a popular tool for web hosting and blogging. It is described as an open source project with a user-friendly interface. It allows one to develop new templates, plugins, and widgets for professional websites." 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