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Quantitative methods emphasise on objective measurements and statistical or numerical evaluation of data gathered through questionnaires, polls, and surveys.

This type of research paper focuses on gathering numerical data and generalising it across categories of people. Before presenting a quantitative research study, you must understand whether it will be experimental or descriptive because that will depend on how you collect, evaluate, and interpret the results.

An Elaborate List of Quantitative Research Topics:

The right topic will allow you to highlight the findings and observations of your quantitative research in the most brilliant way possible. With that thought, we have presented a list of topics that you can consider for your research paper.

1) Evaluate the immigration policy of your country and its neighbours. Determine how they are similar or different from each other

2) Discuss the impact of the loss of net neutrality on the netizens with appropriate quantitative analysis

3) The implementation of employee wellness program enhances productivity

4) Analyse the impact of China’s one child policy

5) Will artificial intelligence pose a threat to employment opportunities? Discuss with proper quantitative analysis

6) Do Smartphones decrease or increase productivity at work? Provide in-depth quantitative analysis

7) Examine the phenomenon of deforestation in your country with appropriate quantitative research

8) What is the relation between motivation and ageing? Define with proper quantitative analysis

9) Should poverty alleviation be a corporate concern? Provide quantitative research

10) Discuss the prevalence of gender stereotypes at workplace in the last two decades with proper quantitative analysis

11) Prepare a quantitative analysis of inter-racial marriages and their impact on the tolerance to discrimination

12) Discuss the impact of technology in classroom learning. Offer detailed quantitative analysis along with your answer

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