by on April 30, 2019
coo as a service There's a good possibility that your business will benefit from Facebook. Even the people who were not willing to accept Facebook into the world of business are being forced to admit that it has a variety of uses professionally. You have to understand that Facebook still means you have to hustle and market, but it is a place for more professional types of businesses, too. Thinking you know how to use it for your business purposes is one thing. There are specifics and some things require special tools and the like, household small business but nothing you cannot handle or do well. If your intention is to utilize Facebook for the purpose of advertising your business, then let Facebook know. Facebook wants you to mainly use the site for sociable reasons. You will have a business Facebook page that informs others about how the business is operating. fractional coo services However, trying to run ads through Facebook only and nowhere else is not considered good business. Although they might let you get away with business promotion a few times, you should contact Facebook if you do not want to make things bad for yourself. For over a year now, Facebook has been switching people's (and business's) formats to their new format called Timeline. It changes the way that people are able to see your page and it offers you more chances for customization and appealing business editing. Your profile photo absolutely needs to be your logo (or, at the very least, relate to it), you also now have a space in which you can put pictures behind it. You can help yourself by using this space to display photos or images of your business or of the products you are selling. Make sure the image you choose is oriented in "landscape" so that it keeps looking good in its space. No matter what you choose to do, you shouldn't leave this space blank. And beyond everything else, don't just slap up some snapshots of yourself. It just looks unprofessional. Do not get complacent in your efforts to increase the number of people who "like" your page. Yes, be sure you work on this, but don't obsess about it, build your email list through other means, too. Common sense human nature rules everywhere including at Facebook, so give them your time and offer value. It is rare for people to "like" you spontaneously, so you need to make a concentrated effort to keep those numbers going up. Facebook can be a powerful ally for your business. Of course the majority of those methods are based on things that you will be doing yourself, but simply starting a page isn't enough. If you don't mind talking to people and communicating, then that will serve you well at Facebook. So put this in your bag of marketing tricks if you have not already started at Facebook.
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